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About Us

About Us

Our Challenge

Waste management, especially in the developing world, is a growing challenge. In Asia alone, urban areas produce approximately 760,000 tons of municipal solid waste.

In 2025, this figure will increase to 1.8 million tons of waste per day. In addition, experts have recognized fossil-fuel-based energy as unsustainable.

The concern over high fossil fuel prices, depletion of natural resources and climate change has led to a resounding call for efficient renewable energy sources and technologies.

These challenges are magnified in our rural areas. Access to energy, especially low-cost energy, is difficult, and economically and environmentally beneficial waste management practices for the hundreds of thousands of tons of agricultural waste produced from today’s agricultural practices is nearly non-existent.

Company Mission
Spectrum Renewable Energy Private Limited (SREL) is dedicated to the development of innovative biogas projects in rural markets that capture renewable energy from organic waste products, while increasing agricultural profitability and sustainability through environmentally responsible practices. We strongly believe that the local production of renewable energy will significantly benefit rural communities by providing access to energy for the millions currently relying on either expensive fossil fuels or traditional biomass for cooking, lighting, industrial and transportation needs. Renewable energy production for local use translates into greater social benefits, including improvement of rural livelihoods and support of local industries.
Company Capabilities
Spectrum Renewable Energy Private Limited (SREL) is dedicated to the development of innovative biogas projects in rural markets that capture renewable energy from organic waste products, while increasing agricultural profitability and sustainability through environmentally responsible practices. We strongly believe that the local production of renewable energy will significantly benefit rural communities by providing access to energy for the millions currently relying on either expensive fossil fuels or traditional biomass for cooking, lighting, industrial and transportation needs. Renewable energy production for local use translates into greater social benefits, including improvement of rural livelihoods and support of local industries.
Our comprehensive biogas development package includes

. Project Management
. Systems Engineering
. Construction
. Plant Operations, Management & Maintenance

Our industries include

. Sugarcane Waste Processing
. Sugar Beet Processing
. Corn Cob Processing
. Animal/Livestock Operations
. Food/Beverage Processing Plants
. Municipal Waste Management
. Any other industry giving consistant quantity of organic waste with carbohydrate and sugar content

Board Of Directors

Board Of Directors

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Dr. A. V. Mohan Rao

Founder and Chairman of Spectrum Renewable Energy Ltd

As Founder and Chairman of Spectrum Renewable Energy Limited, Dr. Rao brings industry expertise arising from over 30 years of experience in the international energy sector.

In 1972, he joined GE Power Systems, a division of the General Electric Corporation and a leading global manufacturer of power equipment. During his 18 year career with General Electric, he was involved with various aspects of power generation, including engineering, design and the operation of power plants.

In 1990, he joined Spectrum Technologies USA (STUSA) as the Vice President of Marketing and shortly thereafter led STUSA’s initiatives in India. Dr. Rao was responsible for developing Spectrum Power Generation Limited, a 208 MW gas based power plant in India. In 1995, he led the predecessor company of Spectrum Coal & Power Limited in obtaining equity, implementing US clean coal technology, securing partial funding from USAID, and negotiating an EPC and O&M contract. Dr. Rao holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Sumati Sindhu is presently working with ACB (India) Limited as ‘Senior General Manager-Administration’.  She holds Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from Bharti Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering, New Delhi and holds Diploma in Business Management from Florida International University. She is also an MBA from Farleigh Dickinson University. She has extensive experience in the field of Administration and Material Management.

Sumati Sindhu has deep interest in the subject of Environment and sustainable development and hence would like the anaerobic digestion system to become popular in the country.

Sumati Sindhu

Sarvesh Sindhu

Sarvesh Sindhu is executive assistant to the Chairman of Aryan Group of Companies. He has done his schooling from Sanskriti School, Chanakya Puri, Delhi. He also has done one year management studies from Boston University, United States of America. He is pursing Chartered Accountancy from Institute of Chartered Accountancy of India (ICAI).

Mr. Sarvesh Sindhu is passionate about technology as a tool to solve problems that bedevil processes. Since Biogas Industry has been struggling with various issues like achieving perfect digester conditions economically and value addition of bio-slurry, Mr.Sarvesh Sindhu is confident of technology as the solution.

Mr. Sarvesh Sindhu is a sportsman. He was the Captain of the School Basketball team and attended Delhi National Basketball camp in the year 2007. His hobbies include playing golf, following global developments in high tech and sports car.

As a Managing Partner of Akula Energy Ventures, Mr. Akula brings deep finance and operational experience from his work in the international energy sector. As Vice President of Finance at Spectrum Coal & Power Limited in India, Mr. Akula secured financing for company expansion, as well as arranging the final entity sale to private equity investor, Warburg Pincus, in 2008. Since this sale, Mr. Akula founded Akula Energy Ventures with a determination to re-focus his energy efforts on the growing renewables space, and has sourced Akula Energy Ventures’ new deals in the biogas and solar power sectors. Prior to joining Akula Energy Ventures, Mr. Akula  was at General Electric Energy Financial Services, where he was part of a team that underwrote energy deals across the capital structure spectrum, including senior debt, preferred equity, and limited partnership equity.  Prior to GE, Mr. Akula worked at Accenture and designed strategies and innovative solutions to complex technical and business challenges faced by Fortune-500 companies. Mr. Akula holds a B.S. in Finance from the NYU Stern School of Undergraduate Business.

Srikant Akula


Capt. Rudra Sen Sindhu

Capt. Rudra Sen Sindhu, Chairman cum Managing Director of ACB (India) Limited and Chairman of  Param Mitra Manav Nirman Sansthan is based in Delhi. He hails from Haryana and heads a joint family of six brothers.  In April, 1976, he completed his graduation from Birendra Narayan Chakraborty University, Kurukshetra. He joined the Indian Army in 1976 and after completing the short service commission, joined his family concern M/s Mitter Sen & Company, which was engaged in Iron Ore and Manganese mining at Barbil, Orissa.

Since 1984 Captain Sindhu has been active in the field of coal mining, logistics, coal washing, thermal power, media, education and finance. Over a span of  about three decades he excelled in building efficient business management systems, cost effective and efficient state of art equipment, skills and highly motivated teams  in the field of coal mining , coal washing, coal reject based power plants and mining logistics. On February 15,2016 he was awarded the  “2016 Global Excellence Award in Coal Sector” by Energy and Environment Foundation for his vision, leadership and outstanding contribution and for demonstrating excellence in the Coal Sector.

Group has business interests in number of companies engaged mainly in mining & logistics, coal beneficiation, power generation, sponge iron & steel, stock broking, media, finance and tourism.

He chaired the Expert Committee on Coal since 2008 and has been the Co-Chairman of the National Coal Committee of ASSOCHAM since 2009.

Capt. Sindhu has been interested in Vedic literature and believes that hard work, sincerity of purpose, technology and team work can solve any problem. His commitments to protecting the environment, the eco systems, soil health and bringing back the social, cultural and economic vibrancy of the ancient village life has led him to support various charitable and initially unviable pilot  technology start ups that aim at addressing these issues. Accordingly he is associated with a number of Trusts, Societies and social initiatives in different roles and capacities. After Gujarat earthquake he conceptualized a smart model village to rehabilitate the earthquake victims . It was constructed in record time of 90 days and inaugurated by the then Prime Minister, Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee.  

He has helped in setting up schools and Gurukuls, including charitable ones, in rural areas, tribal areas, and urban slums.  

Currently Mr Sindhu is nourishing a dream to create local solutions for the problems of unemployment, unhygienic living conditions, poor soil health, poor quality of food by appropriate tweaking of technology for value addition and use of  biogas and bio slurry. These are two  products that are generated when a gobar gas plant anaerobically  digests the local rural resources of cattle dung and agro waste. It may be mentioned that rotting of the organic waste is biggest headache of the Swatch Bharat Mission. Deployment and popularization of this process shall help the mission tremendously. The beginning has been made by investing in the Spectrum Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd. The objective is to create a high tech model plant where the capex and apex are low and all the end products namely methane, Co2, H2S and bio slurry are value added to create local sources of energy and manuring  systems for rejuvenating the soil health by adding organic carbon, necessary microbes and micro nutrients.


Spectrum Renewable Energy offers organic waste producers a comprehensive spectrum of services including project management, plant design, construction, as well as maintenance and technological support.

Today, the development of renewable energy technologies and companies is occurring at an unprecedented pace. Climate change initiatives, supportive global policies, volatile fossil fuel prices and technological innovations have all played a key role in enabling the rapid growth of today’s green energy industry.

Akula Energy Ventures contributes to this rapid growth by investing in and forming strategic partnerships with innovative energy companies around the world. Since 2008, Akula Energy Ventures has used its expertise in the energy space to make early stage investments in the solar, biogas and battery energy storage sectors.

Akula Energy Ventures has over 15 years of experience in the energy sector and has been involved in the development of natural gas power plants and coal preparation plants in India. Akula Energy Ventures was founded in 1998 as the primary investor and developer for the first private sector coal preparation company in India. Since selling its stake in Spectrum Coal & Power Limited in India in 2008, Akula Energy Ventures has utilized its vast experience in the energy sector to form strategic partnerships with companies that are developing and implementing exciting and cutting-edge renewable energy projects.

Managment Team

Managment Team

Dalel Singh

Senior Advisor

Mr. Dalel Singh, aged 62 years, is presently working with our Company as the ‘Vice President -CSR’ and handles the CSR activities of the company and co-ordinates with plant heads and HODs the statutory compliances for the  washeries and power plants of the company spread over many states . Mr. Singh holds M.A. Post Graduate Degree in English from Maharshi Dayanand University Rohtak .

Mr Singh served India Trade Promotion Organization, a Ministry of Commerce PSU for over 32 years since 1982 till his retirement in September 2014. He was travelled to more than 35 countries as part of his official duties related to Trade Promotion activities of the Ministry of Commerce. He was appointed Director of ITPO’s Office in Latin America during 2001 -2014 and Tokyo (Japan) during 2007-2010. Latin American office of ITPO was opened by him as part of Ministry of Commerce Focus Lac Policy. Since then India’s trade with Latin America has seen steady growth. In ITPO he introduced the web based space allocation system in the most popular trade fair namely India International Trade Fair. The space allocation in this largest trade fair of South Asia was opaque and prone to corruption. Mr. Singh has excellent skills in project management and international marketing. He used to be invited as guest teacher in Delhi School of Economics for the Post Graduate Diploma in International Marketing. Mr Singh has varied interests in subjects ranging from poverty reduction, balanced development, attitudes as determining factors in socio economic wellbeing, general human happiness, to technology.

Since 2010 Mr. Singh has been involved in researching on the ways of creating decent jobs for rural youth by use of local resources specially the organic waste material like cattle dung and crop wastes. He has also developed a rural development model based on Bio Slurry, the effluent from the anaerobic digesters.

Mr. Dalel Singh joined the ACBIL with effect from 4th November 2014. Presently he is  involved in company initiatives like  setting up of Vocational Training Institute/Institutions including setting up of Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Chhattisgarh, promotion of educational activities with emphasis on rural and underdeveloped areas, providing health care facilities, Swatchh Bharat programme of  Government of India , rural development, women empowerment and promotion of art & culture.  

Mr Dalel Singh is also co-ordinating Capt. Sindhu’s foray into biogas plant business. The largest integrated biogas plant producing solid and liquid manure, compressed biogas (bio-cng) and CO2 capture is being planned at Rohtak as part of a 100 crore investment in Haryana by the Spectrum Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd .

Mohit Gupta

General Manager

Mohit Gupta is from a Business Management background with an M.Sc. in Management from the Nottingham University Business School, Business Law diploma from West Bengal National University of Judicial Science and a B.Com from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.

He has an entrepreneurial approach to issues and is focused in problem solving, implementation of right practices and fast decision making. Mohit was previously the Managing Director of Krishna Merchants Pvt. Ltd. where he was responsible for the growth of the company. Before that he was the Production Manager at Devi Ispat Ltd.

Apart from this he has been a consultant specializing in company management for different companies. He is also interested in Philanthropy and is a member of the committee of Asha Niketan, Kolkata.

Abhishek Satyam

Dy. General Manager